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Wildwood Wildlife Shelter

A kangaroo hop from the Grampians National Park, Wildwood Wildlife Shelter provides a safe and peaceful haven for the rehabilitation and release of sick, injured and orphaned Australian Native Wildlife. 

Watch this amazing footage of Emma...

Emma is a hand-raised kangaroo, and this video was taken moments after giving birth. Look on in amazement as her tiny baby makes it's perilous journey upwards, to the safety of her pouch, where it will latch onto a teat and spend the next 8 months of it's life!  


WILDWOOD WILDLIFE SHELTER operates 24/7 and is dedicated to the RESCUE,

REHABILITATION and RELEASE of sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife indigenous

to the Southern Grampians of Victoria.

Over 70 different species of wildlife have been cared for since the shelter was established in 1995.

Wildwood is self-funded and operated by volunteer carer Pam Turner.

BRIANNA is one of many orphaned kangaroo joeys raised and released at Wildwood. The photo above right was taken shortly after an operation to repair her broken arm. The photo below shows her on the operating table. She was soft-released onto the 700 acre property, along with several others of similar age. She now lives wild and has become one of the mob.


  All wildlife that comes into care has been injured or orphaned as a direct consequence of the activities of human beings. As guardians of this planet, we all share a responsibility to protect and conserve our precious wildlife. As rehabilitators, we give them a second chance to live the life they were born to live...wild and free. Let's hope Brianna has a long and peaceful life.

Click here to see the photo of Brianna's first joey.  

 You can help me help the wildlife by purchasing one or more of our beautiful CALENDARS featuring some of the wildlife that has been cared for during the year. We also have 15 Christmas card designs AND some Happy New Year cards! You can view all the photos and designs in the Photo Gallery. 
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POST OR EMAIL YOUR ORDER NOW, order forms can be downloaded from the Photo Gallery. 

  Click here to see photos of all the wildlife in care. Read all about Hayley's remarkable recovery, the little orphaned joey who was paralysed and blinded after being bitten by a spider. 

Don't delay, please donate today...all proceeds go directly to helping our wildlife     

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